Senior software engineer

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Region: Śląskie
Energotest is a modern and well organized engineering company. Primary advantage of the company is a team of distinguished specialists,
over 75% of our staff possess university degrees. Many of them have managed or co-managed: design, completion, assembly supervision,
post-assembly tests, start-up of devices and electrical power engineering systems, practically in all newly erected or modernized power plants,
combined heat and power plants, substations and industrial plants in Poland and abroad.
The Energotest R&D department team is looking for a senior software developer who would be willing to take part in setting new directions
in the development of systems for the broader "Industry 4.0". The components we create are cross-platform solutions that allow us to create
a scalable new generation systems.

The person will help us change the world of automation systems, face the task of creating tools for engineers and firmware for devices manufactured
by Energotest. It will often choose the right technology for the components being created, based experience and knowledge, will often have to
propose a change of direction or concept if the delivery of the highest quality product will require it.

Working together in the R&D department, we are happy to share our knowledge, but the ability to independently solve problems and look for information
will be a desirable skill. If you have skills that do not meet all of the following requirements, but enter other areas of programming and feel that they will
help develop our project or make it a unique product, we will gladly talk to you.

Essential skills:
• GNU/Linux,
• Git, CMake, Bash,
• C++, Boost, Qt.

Nice to have:
• Rust
• Python (and Boost.Python),
• Experience with embedded Linux (yocto),
• Modern C++ (C++11, C++14, C++17),
• Functional programming (Haskell),
• Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS),

Extra notes:
• It doesn't harm if you also know MFC, C#, Delphi and Windows in general,
• Official language in Energotest is Polish,
• Remote work is partially possible (1 day/week),

If you want to avoid the recruitment path, take on the challenge available here:

Oferty pracy Energotest Sp. z o.o.

Starszy inżynier oprogramowania (C++,Qt,Python...
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Senior software engineer
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