Senior Ruby Developer

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We are a software House that concentrates on long-lasting partnerships with ongoing projects. We try to avoid MVP startups unless they know what they are doing and can accept our terms. We focus on hiring good engineers and we focus on delivering high-quality solutions to our clients.
We work mainly for foreign clients (USA & Europe mostly) thus we require our engineers to have good English skills.
We build our culture around transparency, good communication and growing individual skills - we organize investment days, lightning talks and share this knowledge in the community. We use OKRs to set our quarterly focuses.
We intend to stay rather small and focus on quality rather than overgrow.
Our tech stack contains ruby (with ruby on rails), javascript (with react), go, amazon aws, docker.
Currently, we are looking for mid and senior ruby engineers. If you want to hear more details, please take a look at the ads or shoot us an email at

Senior Ruby Developer

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3 miesiące temu z Nuzle
3 miesiące temu z Nuzle
3 miesiące temu z Nuzle
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Senior Ruby Developer
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